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A Contemporary-Historical Analysis of the Apocalypse

Our New Commentary on Revelation

This is a condensed commentary on Revelation designed for easy reading, and quick, thorough answers. Priced to share with friends.
65 pages, soft cover

$2.95 plus $1.50 S&H

Priced to Share with Friends


The Consummation of the Ages

The Best Commentary on Revelation in Print

The Consummation
      of the Ages

468 pages, Hardcover $24.95

             plus $4.00  shipping & handling

 (Note: international postal rates are higher)   


What People are Saying About


Consummation of the Ages

Your pieces on Bimillennialism are settling lots of issues that have
 troubled me for years.  Your clarity of mind and simplicity of expression seem to me inspired.  Your symbolic interpretations are right on, and each is supported by more than enough scriptural witness.  Consummation of the Ages is already THE important
commentary to reconcile history with the Bible. 

Tupper Saussy, Santa Monica, CA,
author of Miracle on Main Street

I have finished a careful reading of your book on Revelation.  I find your book to be a superb piece of analysis.  I agree with your interpretation on many points and can truthfully say that I have rarely enjoyed a book as much as I did this one.  Your ability to relate Revelation to other books of the Bible is very impressive.  The Bimillennial interpretation of Rev 20 makes a lot of sense to me.  Had I read your book before I finished writing mine, I would have altered my treatment of Revelation considerably. If I am able to do a follow-up or second edition of my book, I shall be drawing on your insights.

John S. Evans, Germantown, TN,

Author of The Four Kingdoms of Daniel: A Defense of the "Roman" Sequence with AD 70 Fulfillment.  

The best analysis of the "thousand years" I have encountered since studying eschatology. Kurt emphasizes an extremely important hermeneutic principle--audience relevance--that must be invoked when interpreting and searching for the meaning of all Scriptural references whether symbolic or natural. I am trying to finish a book on eschatology that examines Scripture linguistically as well as Biblical. I will certainly include thoughts expressed in this article, with proper documentation, of course. (Comments regarding the article "Revelation's Millennia and Greco-Roman Notions of Hades" )              

James Ellis, Tucson, AZ


Adumbrations: The Kingdom & Coming of Christ in the Book of Daniel

The New Standard for Historical Exegesis of Daniel's Prophecies

$24.95 plus 4.00 shipping & handling

400 pages, hardbound

In this book learn

  • Why the prophets treat the first and second coming of Christ as an historical unit

  • Why the “Last Days” refer to the end of an epoch now long past

  • About the Roman sequence of world empires and the kingdom of Christ

  • Gaius Julius Caesar and the “time of the end”

  • The persecution of Nero and the coming of Christ

  • The Great Tribulation and universal “time of trouble”

  • Caesar’s sacrifice and the “abomination of desolation

  • AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem and the end of Israel’s national election

  • Michael the Archangel and the resurrection of the dead


The Road Back to Preterism

A vital study tracing the original Preterism of Christ and the apostles through successive ages of the church, and the major schools of eschatology over the centuries, unto the rebirth and rediscovery of Preterism today.   An invaluable teaching tool to introduce others to Preterism and show its place  in history from the beginning of the church.

The Road Back to Preterism

Soft cover, 32 pages

$4.50 plus shipping & handling




Rethinking II Peter Three

Toward a More Expansive View of the Eschaton

Preterists often interpret the heavens & earth and the elements of II Peter 3 in reference to the fall of Jerusalem.  This study examines the proof texts and shows why the the eschaton was in fact world-wide.  It also shows why the elements and heavens and earth cannot be interpreted "covenantally."

Soft cover, 16 pages

$1.95 plus shipping & handling



A Great Teaching Tool!

The Destruction of Rome & Jerusalem!

Eutychus & Eliza

The Second Coming as Dramatized for the Elizabethan Stage



Soft cover, 48 pages   

$2.95 plus shipping & handling



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