The Great Tribulation

Commentary on Daniel Chapter Twelve

The Great Persecution of Caiaphas, Pilate, and Paul

Rome's Suppression of the Bacchanalian Cult: Legal Precedent for Nero's Persecution?

Le AntiChrist - Ernest Renen -  Part I - Part II -Part III

Identifying Gog & Magog - The Great Battle of the End Times

666 and Nero Caesar

The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation, Philip Mauro 

The Eschatological Harvest and the Man of Sin

The Rise of the Antichrist FW Farrar


Man of Sin, Nero Caesar

Lactantius Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died 

Hegesippus, the Martyrdom of James, and the Destruction of Jerusalem

Conduct of the Roman government towards Christians, from Nero to Constantine

Sulpicius Severus Persecution of Christians and Destruction of Jerusalem




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