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 Amie May has been a teacher at Presence Ministries conferences.  Her web site is considered by many as a sister site to Presence Ministries.


Corporate Body View/Baptism for Dead/First Fruits Mediation

 "1 Cor 15, especially verse 19 for example, may be speaking of "this life" as opposed to "that life"; or "this world" as opposed to "that world". It again, makes the passage on "baptism for the dead" into something much more comprehensive…Israel as a nation was chosen to be "Kings and Priests". Such an accomplishment would create a mediator between humanity and God resulting in a restored humanity (therefore solving the problem created in Adam)… Israel as a nation was resurrected (and judged) as promised. In Christ and with Christ they reigned as Kings and Priests and they became a light to the nations.. a beacon for all not to see, but to dwell in.  Christ became their mediator, they became the mediator between God and humanity. Humanity then was no longer exiled, but reconciled to God." Amie May, Post on Planet Preterist, Friday, April 21 @ 16:17:14 PDT

 (This quote reflects King’s notion of vicarious atonement by the “first fruit” Jews, according to which, Jesus justifies Israel, and Israel justifies those grafted to them.  Initially, this bizarre doctrine was limited to those who obeyed the gospel in baptism, but has since been expanded to all men.  It also demonstrates how the corporate body view is inherently Universalistic; in holding that justification depends upon removal of the Mosaic law, rather than the addition of grace, the benefits of the cross are unavoidably extended to all men, regardless of obedience to the gospel of Christ.)

Covenantal Adam/Covenantal Death

 "I feel that he was [the] 'first covenant man' and that death passed to 'all' through him."  Amie May 02-27-2006, 10:08 AM Talk-Grace

"I feel that Adam was first covenant man and 'of' the mankind created in Genesis 1. Death entered into the world through Adam because the OC first entered the world through him." Amie May 02-27-2006, 07:32 PM Talk-Grace

 (These quotes demonstrate a denial that Adam is the biological parent of all mankind.  Death passed to all men, not because of Adam’s universal biological parentage, but because he was the first covenant man, whose transgression was purportedly imputed vicariously to all other men.  This view leads unavoidably to Universalism in that imputed (Adamic/Mosaic) transgression is removed with the passing of the Mosaic law.)

 Local Flood/Universalism

"I'm sure that we could dedicate a thread to clarification, but I shared that for the sake of sharing my thoughts on the "local flood". I believe that the resurrection of Christ impacted the world (the literal entire world) in such a way that all were redeemed. I see it as a localized event, impacting the entirety of humanity. If Noah's flood were localized, it does not diminish the impact of it." Amie May, 02-02-2007, 01:02 PM Talk-Grace

 (This quote is an open confession of Universalism.  Universalists favor Old Earth Creationism, the notion of that Adam was the first covenant man, and the idea of a local flood. They find these concepts useful to Universalism.   By spiritualizing the heavens and earth of the Genesis creation and making them “covenantal,” Universalists are able to make the new Heavens and Earth of Revelation 21, 22 covenantal, thereby bringing all men within its benefit.  The notion of a local/covenantal flood is merely an extension of this concept, arrived at by reverse reasoning from mistaken premises about passages such as II Pet. 3 and Revelation 21, 22.  Universalism depends upon biblical liberalism to sustain its basic doctrines, of which the local flood theory is but one example.)


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