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- Erasmus Manford -

Manford was a famous Universalist in the 1800's; he debated Benjamin Franklin of the Stone-Campbell Movement.


Universalism/Corporate Body View

“Even we groan within ourselves waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.” 9. That there is to be a redemption of our “body,” this is, the body of humanity – “the whole creation.”  Blessed truth!  The whole family of man shall be redeemed from the thralldom of error and sin, and brought into the “glorious liberty of the children of God.”  Erasmus Manford, An Oral Debate on the Coming of the Son of Man, Endless Punishment, and Universal Salvation, Boston (1860), p. 126

(Comment: This quote shows how Universalists use the corporate body view to make all men the objects of salvation.  They also use the covenantal creation view to extend grace to all.  Max King continues the tradition of Manford and other Universalists before him.)

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