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- Jeffery Vaughn -


Co-author of Beyond Creation Science, a book affirming Old Earth Creationism and a local Genesis flood.  The book sets forth the notion that the Genesis creation is allegorical, and Genesis' heavens and earth are merely symbols for the Old Covenant creation of Israel.  The book's co-author, Tim Martin, has expressly denied the universal, biological parentage of Adam and Eve.


Covenant Eschatology/Corporate Body View

"The Resurrection was of the Corporate Body, the covenant people, in fact the whole covenant was dead. The new covenant is the old covenant resurrected."

"Consider this: Before Adam sinned, all men had life. Adam's sin brought death. What death? God had promised death that very day. Either the Curse laid on Adam was death, the very death God meant, or God is a liar.  So what was this Death? Adam was cast out of the Garden, cast out of the presence of God. After Adam, only select men could come into God's presence.  In AD 70, that Death ended. That is the resurrection. Now everyone can come into God's presence."  Jeffery Vaughn, Planet Preterist Post, Tuesday, January 08 @ 16:13:00 PST

 [Although Vaughn would deny being a Universalist, he cannot logically avoid the implications of Covenant Eschatology’s corporate body view.  If Vaughn's universally imputed juridical death brought on by Adam was done away in A.D. 70, the only logical result is universal justification and life.  The error lies in failing to see that it was Hadean death alone that was done away in A.D. 70.  Juridical death (condemnation for sin) still obtains for all who arrive at an age of accountability and who fail to obey the gospel of Christ.  The fact that the Christian can so sin as to lose his salvation proves that juridical death was not done away and remains a reality.]

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