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Kevin Beck


Kevin Beck is president of King's Presence Ministries


Covenant Eschatology/Universalism

“There’s no sin and no sin-related death in a world that has the New Jerusalem in it’s midst.”  Kevin Beck, The Creation of Jerusalem, Feb, 08

(This quote reflects the basic assumption of Covenant Eschatology that mankind was condemned by the Mosaic law, and justified by its removal, rather than by the addition of grace.  It also reflects the view that the heavens and earth marked for destruction at the eschaton were "covenantal" rather than social and political.  Hence, the new heavens and earth of Revelation 21 and 22 are covenantal, and necessarily extend redemption to all mankind.  Since God cannot dwell with evil, his dwelling among men in the New Jerusalem is deemed proof that all men have been justified from sin.)

"All that God wants is for you to experience love because in experiencing Love you experience God…But what about unbelievers?  Well, is there anyone who does not believe in love?  As far as I can see, there are no atheists because everyone believes in Love, and to believe in Love is to believe in God."  Kevin Beck, Agapetheism, July 2006


Corporate Body View/Universalism

"The issue, then, is not resurrection per se.  The question is: resurrection for whom?  Paul affirms resurrection for all Israel—including the “enemies” of the gospel (Romans 11:28-32)—as well as for the Gentiles… Throughout his letters, Paul argues for ultimate integration of Jews and Gentiles.  None would be excluded."  Kevin Beck, Eating, Drinking, and Dying: Paul’s Use of Isaiah 22:13, July 2006


First Fruits Vicarious Atonement

“As Gentiles, they could not obtain the fullness of God without their Jewish companions… In this firstfruits life-giving body, God’s glory would shine forever...The Gentiles were powerless to reach eschatological maturity on their own.  They were dependent upon the Jews—since salvation is of the Jews.”  Kevin Beck, Exploring Ethnicity in Ephesians: A Preliminary Consideration, Mar 30, 2006.

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