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Covenant Eschatology/Corporate Body View

"The end of the Mosaic age “culminated in the destruction of the nation of Israel ‘according to the flesh’ and the concomitant resurrection of Israel ‘according to the Spirit’ in A.D. 70.”  Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection, p. 62, 63.

“Israel was sown while in a corrupted nature, but Israel is also raised incorruptible.  The body of Israel before will not be the body of Israel after, but it will be Israel!  It is Israel transformed, just like an apple seed is transformed into an apple tree.  This transformation can only take place in the body of Christ.”  Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection, p. 75.

“God was not remaking another Israelite kingdom after the form of David and Solomon in the OT narratives. He was not making another kingdom of ‘flesh and blood’ Israel.  The same spiritual body of Christ that transformed the Gentiles would also transform Israel.  The body that Israel was sown with would not be the body it would be raise in.”  Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection, p. 78

“The resurrection of the dead, for the apostles, was a spiritual regathering of individuals into the ‘one new man’ and one body’ of Christ’s making…This is somatic (bodily) resurrection.  God was raising Israel from the dead somatically from Adam to Christ.” Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection, p. 175.

“Man was ruled by the sin and the death regardless of the torah he honored with his mind (7:25b).  Paul describes this ‘deliverance’ as a deliverance ‘from the body of the death’ (7:24).  Israel was a dead body under the law, and Israel’s body needed to be created into a ‘new man’.  Israel’s ‘lowly body’ needed to be transformed into Christ’s ‘glorious body’. Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection, p. 155

(Comment: These quotes demonstrate the "spiritualizing" method of King and how it transforms the eschatological resurrection from Hades into justification from sin based upon annulment of the law.  But, as we have noted many times before, this makes salvation depend upon the removal of law, rather than the addition of grace.  It also results in Universalism by removing all legal basis for condemnation of sin; "where there is no law, there is no transgression."


Covenantal Heavens & Earth/Heaven Now

“Again, you wrote, ‘The Christian is not ACTUALLY in heaven until he puts off the physical body.’ This DESTROYS Preterism…In Revelation 21, the New Jerusalem COMES DOWN to earth. The Glory of the Lord RESIDES in his heavenly temple, which is NOW the Church. Welcome to heaven.”  Taken from a discussion of Frost with author at Samuel M. Frost, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection of the Dead, p. 157, 176

(Comment: The "heaven now" idea was circulating a few years ago; it is a logical corollary of King's spiritualized resurrection view.  If the believer has been resurrected, and resurrection life is in heaven, then obviously believers are in "heaven now."  The "heaven now" idea was also based upon the notion that the heavens and earth that passed away at the eschaton were, not throne and dominions of Christ's enemies, but the Old Covenant.  The "heaven now" idea demonstrates the bizarre results King's basic assumptions lead to and why the whole concept of the corporate body view must be abandoned.)



“Let me assert quite plainly: all men are under the rule of the Grace and Righteousness.  No man is under the rule of the Death and the Sin…the Sin has been removed from the cosmos along with the Death. This is not just true for believers in Christ, but true for all men, everywhere.” Sam Frost, Observations, (2007).

“Many would assume that the only result of such a theology is universal salvation for every man.  This would be true.”  Sam Frost, Observations, (2007).

(Comment: Sam is not a Universalist, but these comments demonstrate how King's system, interpreted through Sam's Calvinism, lead unavoidably to Universalism.  Where King condemns all men via the Mosaic law, Sam condemn men and infants via imputed Adamic guilt; both result in universal justification by removing the universal source of condemnation.)


Baptism for the Dead/Vicarious Atonement via the FirstFruits

"The ONLY WAY Israel could be redeemed is through the body of Christ… Therefore, they were made MEMBERS of that body through Spirit’s applying of blessings upon the firstfruits so that through the part, the whole could also be included.” Sam Frost, Frost's Second Critical Response to Kurt Simmons' Bi-Millennialism

“Thus, if the firstfruits obtained what Israel so earnestly sought for, and the whole is holy because of the firstfruits, then those being baptized ‘on behalf of the dead’ are clearly, organically connected to the dead whose behalf they were being baptized for.”  Sam Frost, Frost's Second Critical Response to Kurt Simmons' Bi-Millennialism

(Comment: These quotes reflect the idea that Jews who died before Christ were vicariously added to the body of Christ by the baptism of first century Jews.  This concept has been largely abandoned by King's followers today, but still comes up from time to time.  Universalists find is useful in extending salvation to unbelievers based upon what the "first fruit" Jews did.)


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