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Tim King


Tim King is Max King's son.  He served as president of Presence Ministries from 1999-2005.


Covenant Eschatology/Corporate Body/Universalism

“Simply stated, man is changed because his world changed. Man is reconciled to God because he no longer lives under the rule of sin and death as determined by the Mosaic world. Through the gift of Christ he dwells in a world of righteousness and life. The issue is cosmic and  corporate, not individual and limited.” Tim King, Comprehensive Grace, 2005

(This quote provides solid evidence of the connection between Covenant Eschatology, the Corporate Body view, and Universalism.  Mankind was universally condemned by the Mosaic law, and was corporately justified by its annulment.  Hence, man is saved by the removal of law, rather than the addition of grace.  Since the law was removed for all men, all men are necessarily justified.)


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