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"As I mentioned before in conversations with other people, why is Universalism such a bad conclusion to preterist eschatology IF that indeed ends up being the conclusion?" Virgil on Thursday, February 21 @ 09:05:22 PST

"The Parousia quite certainly brought about a universal aspect to this atonement issue...Regarding the free will issue, I agree with you, but I don't want to rehash the whole "free to go to hell" argument, which does not seem to be consistent with what we know about God and how he feels about us." Virgil on Thursday, February 21 @ 11:36:52 PST

"From a Preteristic perspective the issue of salvation loses its institutional dimension even more. Paul and the first century Church were expecting salvation from death to be brought about as a result of the Parousia of Christ. Not for a few, but for all. Bishop Ware recognized this: “He [Paul] does not say, “All may perhaps be made alive,” but “All will be made alive.” At the very least this encourages us to hope for the salvation of all.” Bishop Ware takes this one step further, suggesting exactly what I have been suggesting for a couple of years, a universal reconciliation between the Creator and the Creation." Virgil Vaduva, What is Salvation?, Posted on Monday, December 11 @ 17:33:55 PST

It is quite clear to me that the general thread of the Scripture revolves around God's furious pursuit of mankind, and His effort to reconcile and redeem the entire creation back to Himself. Despite the inclusive language of Revelation, many Preterists continue to play word games, most likely because tradition and preconceptions do not allow them to be flexible enough to perceive that "all" mean "all."  Virgil Vaduva, The Ugly Side of Preterism: Self-righteousness and the Politics of Personal Destruction, 6/5/2005 PlantetPreterist 

Christ's sacrifice had been already paid once, for all people. As a result, they all have been redeemed yet not all have been made aware of the reality of redemption.  Virgil Vaduva, The Ugly Side of Preterism: Self-righteousness and the Politics of Personal Destruction, 6/5/2005 PlantetPreterist  

(Among Preterist-Universalists, there are distinctions made between #1 salvation = coming into the awareness of redemption.  #2 salvation = redemption in that there is no more death. #3 salvation = from out of the wrath. This one is Israel specific.)

If Jesus died for all the sins of all men and unbelief is a sin then why aren't all men saved? -- You tell me! Why do you think this debate is taking place right now? Virgil Vaduva, Planet Preterist post, Wednesday, September 14 @ 05:55:29 PDT

I love Gary Amirault's site - sometimes he makes almost too much sense for me, which is scary. Virgil Vaduva, Planet Preterist post, Wednesday, August 30 @ 18:48:28 PDT 8/30/06

(Gary Amirault is an unabashed Universalist and hosts Tent-Maker Ministries.)

God’s pursuit of mankind has gone so far that the Creator has become one of the Created in order to finalize the quest for reconciliation of all things, on heaven and on earth. This it appears, creates problems for some believers that insist they alone possess the special ticket which allows entrance into Heaven.  Virgil Vaduva, Repainting a Beautiful Faith, 11/7/06

[Comment: These quotes all demonstrate that, despite his protests to the contrary, Mr. Vaduva has strong Universalist leanings. No one of normal Biblical knowledge or grounding could make these statements unless he did.]


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