Replacement Theology, Truth Or Antisemitism


By Cohen G. Reckart,Pastor


Perhaps no subject will generate more hatred and heat in the endtimes than the subject of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY.  At one end of the polarity are the Jews and dispensationalist and at the other end is Jesus and those who believe the Church is the Israel of God.

Now what is the Church?  It is the Lamb's Bride!  How did John see this in symbolic figure?  He was led away to a high mountain and there he saw the New Jerusalem.  It had twelve gates and on them the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.  And under this city he saw 12 foundations and in them the names of the Apostles.  What is seen here is the Israel of God founded and built upon the 12 Apostles.  All of this is Jewish, the gates and the Apostles.  But how do the Gentiles get into this city, into this Bride, this Israel of God and made one with all those seen on its interior whose names are in the Lamb's book of life?  The Church is not a Gentile bride.  The Gentiles were grafted into something Jewish and that is the whole olive tree revelation of Paul in Romans 11.

Is God finished with the Jews?  No!  Are there some Jews who cannot be saved?  Yes!  Who then will be saved among the Jews?  Isaiah told us and Paul quoted him in Romans 9:27, ...a remnant!  Not all Israel will be saved only a remnant will be saved and this is the "all" of Israel that God considers his Israel.  You will notice please that in the Romans 11 account, the unbelieving and blaspheming antichrist Jews are broken out of the olive tree and AFTER this the Gentiles are grafted in.  This took place historically between the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and the bringing in of Gentiles in Acts 10.  Between these two chapters there were a lot of Jews who elected to cast themselves away and NEVER to believe in or to receive Jesus Messiah as their personal saviour.  It is not Paul who damned them.  It is not the Gentiles who damned them.  It was God himself who elected not to allow antichrist Jews into the Kingdom of God.  They, like the Gentiles must come by the way of the new birth.  In effect this was saying to all Jews: YOUR NATURAL BIRTH IS WORTHLESS IT CANNOT SAVE YOU!  You must be born again and born of God.  The true New Testament Church was Jewish in its beginning and it remains Jewish regardless of how many Gentiles come into it.  Regardless of what any gainsayer says or claims, God foresaw that only a remnant of Israel would be saved in order for Isaiah to prophesy it.  And God in is infinite wisdom and in his foreknowledge determined to then replace those Jews who would not believe and be saved by bringing forth the mystery that was hid from ages, that he would take out of the Gentiles a people for his name sake.  Anyone who knows anything about "name-sake" children know they are either replacement children because of infertility, because a husband died before siring a male child, or adopted for what other reason and added to the family.  Gentiles are "name-sake" children and they are brought over into the family and the Israel of God by adoption and conversion.  In the case of the New Testament Church, these Gentiles replaced Jews who denied the name of Jesus Messiah and would not come under his throne and or his family name.  Until a person sees the truth and the revelation of this, they will not appreciate and will hate Acts 2:38 at and in which we are shown how the family name is taken and adoption occurs.  All Gentiles who go down in the name of Jesus Messiah with faith in the finished work of Calvary and who are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise are the seed of Abraham and "name-sake" replacements of all those Jews who refused to have Christ to rule over them.  Replacement theology is a fact of Scripture.  All Jews are admonished that if you are going to be saved, in the remnant, then you must be born again of water and Spirit.  If not, God will adopt a "name-sake" Gentile to replace you!

The remnant of Israel will be the only Jews saved. All Jews must get into that number.  Will they?  No, there remains after 2,000 years a large contingent of antichrist Jews who would love nothing better than to blot the name of Jesus out from the earth.  They believe it, teach it, and it is contained in their writings.

Talmudic Jews are very clear in their position, they believe Jesus was a false prophet and that he is now in hell, so the ideas of the New Covenant replacing the Old and the Church replacing Pharisee Judaism to them is a religious usurpation and a fraud.  

They believe that God will yet revisit those of Talmudic Phairseeism heritage and restore to them exclusively the complete nation, the temple, and the Law.  This hope is centered in the arrival of an endtime Messiah who they believe will first destroy Christians out of Israel and the world.  This Messiah will then turn to Jerusalem and begin to rebuild the Temple.  This temple revivalism and rebuilding the *image* like unto the first temple will set the spiritual climate for a new priesthood of Talmudic Rabbis where they will once again allegedly make *contact* with God through animal sacrifices.

Quotes from the Babylonian Talmud (Soncino Edition):

When Messiah comes he will destroy the Christians (Sanhedrin 99a).

Jesus was a bastard born of adultery (Yebamoth 49b).

Hatred of Christians commanded in Psalms 139:21 (Shabbath 116a).

The Divine Presence rest only upon Jews (Berakoth 7a).

Christians and animals grouped for comparison (Orach Chaiim 225,10)

Christian Churches are places of idolatry (Abhodah Azarah 78).

Quote From Rabbi Michael Higger:

"A model ideal state will gradually spread its teachings and influence (This is religious system based upon Talmudic interpretation of the Old Testament), from nation to nation.  The people of Israel will thus conquer the nations of the earth.  All other people will be known by their detestable practices and idolatry (They call worship of Jesus Idolatry).  They will be destroyed and will disappear from the earth before the ushering in of the ideal era.  To understand the Rabbinic conception of an ideal world it will help us if we can imagine a hand passing from land to land, country to country, marking righteous or wicked on the foreheads of each one of the inhabitants of the earthly globe (The Jewish Utopia by Rabbi Michael Higger).

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